ArcelorMittal Orbit – Terms and conditions of sale

All tickets sold for events and venues on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park (“Tickets”) are subject to the following terms and conditions.

Please read them carefully.Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is managed by the London Legacy Development Corporation (the “Owner”).  The Owner has control over admission to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and individual venues/event areas within it (each a “Venue”).


1. Please check your Tickets on receipt.
2. Removing the Ticket stub (where applicable) invalidates the Ticket.
3. Reselling a Ticket for profit/commercial gain without the express permission of the Owner or Operator will make it void, and the ticket holder may be refused entry to or removed from the Venue.
4. Tickets cannot be refunded after purchase. Booked tickets can be amended no later than 48 hours before the date and time of the visit. After this time bookings cannot be amended and tickets cannot be exchanged for another date. This service will be subject to an administration fee of £5.00. Please note that once an amendment has been confirmed no further changes will be made to that booking.
5. Refunds will not be given unless the Venue is closed or event cancelled or in certain other circumstances described, under “The Operator” below.
6. All visitors must have a valid entry Ticket for Skyline Views.
7. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult with a valid Ticket to enter the attraction.
8. Price and availability information is subject to change without notice.
Neither the Owner nor Operator is liable for any Tickets which are lost or stolen.


9. Admission to the ArcelorMittal Orbit is on the condition that all visitors allow themselves and their belongings to be searched. We do not accept liability for any damage caused to any items during this process. Items deemed to be dangerous or intended to do harm will be confiscated and not returned. Prohibited articles include (but are not limited to) firearms, pyrotechnics, glass bottles, flammable liquids and alcohol. The ArcelorMittal Orbit reserves the right to refuse entry.
10. You must comply with the instructions of Venue staff at all times.
11. You must notify us in advance of placing your booking of any access requirements you may have as we may not be able to accommodate all access requirements if we have not been made aware of them prior to the date of the visit which may result in you not being allowed admission without refund. We will use reasonable endeavours to accommodate access requirements.
12. You may be refused entry or ejected if, in the reasonable opinion of the Owner or Operator, the presence of the Ticket holder in the Venue might be a risk to the safety of the public or staff and/or the holder, and/or affect the enjoyment of the public, (for example: if you are (or appear to be) drunk, under age (where relevant), abusive, threatening, behaving anti-socially, carrying offensive weapons or illegal substances, decline to be searched or are in breach of any of these terms & conditions).
13. To ensure public safety, we may conduct security searches from time to time and reserve the right to confiscate any item which may cause danger or pose a potential threat. By entering a Venue you are agreeing to being subject to any such security searches.
14. No cans or glass bottles are allowed in the Venue. The consumption of food and beverages (including chewing gum) is strictly prohibited during your visit unless such food and beverages are supplied by the Owner or Operator as part of a hospitality package or is permitted on medical grounds. Any food or beverage containers must be kept in your bag during your visit.
15. There is no readmission to the Venue once you have left the Venue and the curtilage (fence line) of the structure.
16. The consumption of intoxicating liquors is permitted only in authorised places and in accordance with the Licensing Act 1964 and other statutory or regulatory requirements.
17. The following activities are strictly prohibited:-
a. Unauthorised visual or audio recording and broadcasting inside any building on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.
b. Unauthorised commercial activity or promotional activity inside any building on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.
c. Climbing any fencing, building or onto any part of the structure. Or possession of articles which may be deemed to aid climbing.
d. Throwing of any object or dropping objects from height.
e. Excessive noise or the use of abusive or offensive language.
f. Unauthorised offer for sale or distribution of any newspapers, magazines, merchandise, food, beverages or any other items.
g. Possession of any article, which is or may be used as a weapon or missile. The Owner reserves the right to confiscate such articles, which may not be returned.
h. Banners or flags.
i. Damage to or interfering with any property of the Owner or Operator. Or possession of articles, which is or may be used to cause damage such as cutting implements, marker pens, paint etc.


Cancellation right/right to make alterations:

20. The Operator reserves the right to make alterations to the advertised offer, where the alterations are not material (see paragraph 24 below).
21. The Operator also reserves the right to:-
a. make material alterations (see paragraph 24 below) to the advertised offer; and
b. cancel or re-schedule the allocated day or time, but will only do so for reasons beyond its reasonable control. (This might include, for example, a force majeure event, high winds, staff or headline artist illness, mechanical fault or a major power failure).


22. If a day/time slot or event is cancelled, you will be entitled to a refund from the Operator for the face value of the Ticket.
23. If the advertised day/time slot or event is re-scheduled or subject to a material alteration after the date you bought the Ticket, the Operator will publish notice of this (see paragraph 28 below) and operate a refund scheme under which, if you choose not to attend the day/time slot or event, you may return your unused Ticket for a refund for the face value of the Ticket. Applications for a refund should be made at the original point of purchase.
24. A “material” alteration is a change which makes the day/time slot or event materially different to the day/time slot or event that purchasers of Tickets (taken generally) could reasonably expect. This is judged by reference to the nature and advertising of each Venue/event.
25. You will not be entitled to a refund in the event of any non-material changes, or if you do attend the Venue/event, nor is there any more general right to a refund for unwanted Tickets.
26. The Owner or Operator will refund the price paid for the Tickets which you have purchased (less delivery costs where the Tickets have been delivered to you) only and accepts no liability for travel, accommodation or any other expenses.
27. You will not be entitled to a refund if you purchase your tickets via a third party website or company. If you decide to access any third party websites or acquire any third party products or services, you do so entirely at your own risk, and you may be subject to the terms and conditions imposed by such third parties.


28. For information on the procedure for obtaining a refund, please contact the point of sale from which you purchased your Tickets. Certain conditions to obtaining a refund apply as follows: (i) the Operator/Agent will only refund Tickets purchased from authorized agents; (ii) refunds will only be made on production of the whole unused Ticket; and (iii) refunds will only be made on Tickets that have not been presented to gain entrance into the Venue/event.
29. If the advertised Venue day/time slot or event is re-scheduled or subject to a material alteration, refund requests will only be accepted if made as soon as possible after notification of the change and, in any event, prior to 1 week before the revised Venue day/time slot or event.
30. If the advertised event is re-scheduled or subject to a material alteration at short notice (within 1 week of the revised event), or is cancelled, refund requests will only be accepted within 28 days after the original scheduled date of the event.
31. Tickets will only be refunded for the reasons set out above or otherwise at the Owner or Operators absolute discretion but for the avoidance of doubt will not be refunded where admission has been refused, you have been ejected and/or the Venue has been closed due to:
a. your acts or omissions or those of any child under your supervision;
b. your failure to adhere to or meet the requirements set out in these terms and conditions;
c. your breach of these Terms and Conditions or your failure to adhere to the instructions of the Operators staff or any other health and safety guidelines issued by the Owner or Operator;
d. your late arrival for your visit;
e. you having access requirements of which you have failed to notify us in advance and we are unable to accommodate your requirements on the day of your visit and we reasonably believe that to allow entrance to the Venue would jeopardise your health and safety or that of other customers;
f. your failure to adhere to the advice set out and our reasonable belief that to allow entrance to the Venue would jeopardise your health and safety or that of other Customers;
g. you decide you do not wish to attend the Venue due to the weather;
h. you change your mind about wishing to visit the Venue on arrival or once you have commenced the Visit; and
i. any other grounds set out in these Terms and Conditions where we specify that a refund will not be made.


31. Please check before travelling that a Venue day/time slot or event has not been cancelled, rescheduled, or become subject to material change. Information on such matters will be made available on behalf of the Operator as soon as reasonably possible on the Owner’s website. However customers are advised that the website cannot always be updated immediately, and that circumstances giving rise to cancellation or material alterations can sometimes arise immediately prior to a Venue day/time slot or event.


32. Customer details are managed in accordance with the Operator’s Privacy Policy, a copy of which is available at www.arcelormittalorbit.com/privacy-policy/
33. Attending a Venue or event signifies Ticket holders’ consent to the filming and photography (including CCTV) and sound recording of themselves as an attendee or members of the audience.
34. You further agree that any such footage may be exploited by the Owner, Operator or any third party designated by the Owner or Operator in any and all media for any purpose at any time throughout the world including use in commercial distribution or use for commercial or promotional purposes without any compensation to you. Such use may include, without limitation, the production of souvenir photographs and/or videos for purchase by customers without payment or compensation to you.


35. Cameras and mobile phones are permitted at the Venue for personal use only. Any commercial uses are subject to the pre-agreement of the Owner. The unauthorised use of professional sound and video recording or broadcasting equipment is prohibited
36. The Venue and area within the curtilage is strictly no smoking.
37. Animals (except assistance animals) are not permitted in the Venue, unless by prior arrangement.
38. Approved merchandise is only available from official merchandise outlets at the Venue and online
39. WARNING – loud music can damage hearing.
40. If you experience problems please contact a member of staff so that we can resolve the issue at the Venue.
41. Nothing in these terms and conditions (including the next paragraph) is intended to exclude or to limit in any way any liability which the Operator and/or Owner may have:
a. in negligence, for any loss of or damage to personal property brought into the Venue; or
b. for death of or personal injury to any person caused by their negligence or other wrongful act or omission.
42. Under no circumstances will the Operator or the Owner be liable for any loss, damage, cost or expense, which was not reasonably foreseeable at the time the Ticket was purchased or which was not directly attributable to any act or omission of the Operator or Owner. Neither the Operator nor the Owner will be liable for any loss of enjoyment or any wasted expenditure in excess of the Ticket price.
43. Each of the provisions of these terms and conditions is distinct and severable from the others and if at any time one or more of such provisions is or becomes invalid, unlawful or unenforceable (whether wholly or to any extent), the validity, lawfulness and enforceability of the remaining provisions (or the same provision to any other extent) shall not in any way be affected or impaired.
44. These terms and conditions are subject to English law. The courts of England and Wales have exclusive jurisdiction to determine any dispute arising out of or in connection with these terms and conditions.

Gift Vouchers

45. Gift Vouchers sold by the Operator are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.
46. The Gift Voucher must be redeemed and the associated experience or product must take place within 12 months of the purchase date.
47. Gift Vouchers may not be extended beyond their validity period.

The Slide Terms and Conditions

48. Visitors using The Slide must…

• be at least 1.3m in height and at least eight (8)years old
• weigh under 139.7kg (22 stone)
• wear long sleeves or protective elbow pads
• seek medical advice if they have any pre-existing medical conditions
• enter the attraction at the time stated on their ticket and join the queue for The Slide on the lower platform 15 minutes after their entry time
• slide feet first
• slide in a lying position on their back
• only slide with the use of the mat provided
• not slide under the influence of alcohol or drugs
• keep arms and elbows close to the body whilst sliding and hold the safety handle with both hands at all times
• not wear loose clothing, large jewellery or inappropriate footwear
• not slide with bags or other large belongings (e.g. umbrellas). Lockers are available on site and require a token to operate. Tokens cost £1 and can be refunded at the end of the visit.
• not use the slide without staff supervision
• not slide on their stomach
• not attempt to break or stop during their journey down
• exit The Slide immediately when they reach the end

49. More than one person sliding at a time is not permitted.
50. The use of personal go-pros, cameras, phones, other electronic devices and unofficial recording equipment on The Slide are not permitted.
51. If you have a heart condition, back or neck injuries, claustrophobia, vertigo, epilepsy, if you are pregnant or if you have any condition that prevents you from following all of the safety rules and guidelines, you may not ride The Slide.
52. All materials used to enhance speed are strictly prohibited.
53. Each ticket is valid for one use of The Slide only.
54. Visitors who are disabled or who require adaptations to accommodate any additional needs are asked to contact our team prior to booking.
55. Visitors must follow the instruction of our staff at all times. We reserve the right to refuse entry to The Slide for operational or health and safety reasons.


Annual Ticket Additional Terms and Conditions

56. All prices are inclusive of VAT at the current rates and are correct at the time of entering information onto the system.
57. The Operator/Agent reserves the right to change prices at any time.
58. Tickets are intended for use by the purchaser/named person only and are non transferable.
59. Entry to annual pass holders is subject to availability.
60. You will be asked for identification (ID) to match the name on your ticket, if you are unable to provide matching ID, the Operator/Agent reserves the right to refuse entry.
61. Tickets give 12 months unlimited entry from the date printed on the ticket to the ArcelorMittal Orbit, but exclude any special events.
62. We regret that tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded after purchase.
63. Lost tickets cannot be replaced under any circumstances.
64. Original tickets only – photocopies/scans etc. cannot be accepted.
65. Tickets must not be sold or resold.
66. The management reserves the right to refuse entry if for any reason they deem there is a risk to the Orbit, the attractions, the general public or the staff on site.
67. Improper use of the ticket will result in confiscation.
68. Annual passes are only available on tickets booked direct from the ArcelorMittal Orbit and not those booked via any third parties.
69. Annual passes are not available on tickets sold at any promotional prices. The only discounts available on annual passes, are host borough resident tickets and advance priced tickets.